The Fairies' Tree
Children's Book

About The Author - Ola Cohn MBE

Ola Cohn MBE (1892 - 1964) was a pioneer of modernist sculpture in Australia. Her “Fairies' Tree” in the Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne has delighted generations of children and adults. May 2014 is the 80th anniversary of the Fairies' Tree, from May 1931 to May 1934 Ola spent many hours of unpaid dedication to complete her carvings.

While working on carving the Fairies' Tree, Ola started to write her books about the tree and fairies. All together Ola published 4 books, “The Fairies' Tree” 1932, “More About The Fairies' Tree” 1933, “Castles In The Air” 1935 and “Mostly Cats” 1964.

We are delighted to announce that Ola Cohn's first three books have now been republished, “The Fairies' Tree”, “More About The Fairies' Tree” and “Castles In The Air”. The content of the three books have been kept true to the original, including illustrations and photographs.

The Fairies Tree by Ola Cohn

“The Fairies Tree” is the first children’s book written by Ola Cohn. It tells the story of hundreds of years ago when the Fairy Queen was born and at the same time when the seed of a Red Gum tree sprung into life. The Big Tree became the Fairies home.

How a fierce Bunyip guarded the Tree and the Fairies were forced to leave and live elsewhere for hundreds of years. Banished from their home, the Fairies searched for a new home in the Old Mountain. How Stoutheart using his Magic Wand, condemned the Bunyip to the Cave-of-No-Escape. The Fairies came back to live in their Big Tree but found it had died. Also Bees had made a most magnificent palace, with walls of honey gold.

The book tells about the Big Tree and Fairies adventures. Many animals and fairies Ola carved on the tree appear in the story, eg. Fairy Queen, Old Frog, Wise Magician, Old Owl, Stoutheart riding his Bullfrog, Kangaroo, Wombat, Dingo, Eagle, Old Sorcerer Spider, Emu and Reading Mother.

Subject: Fairies - Juvenile Fiction
ISBN:      9780987305237
Cover:     Hard cover
Pages:     44
Size:        189mm x 246mm

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